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Our Story

As three lifelong friends, we founded Dock Appeal having grown up on, in and around the water. In our early years, we passed our days fishing off the dock while our parents watched with pride. With age came waterskiing before high school on Whitcomb Bayou in Tarpon Springs as the yellow school busses drove by. Our classmates watching out the windows in admiration. As Father Time steals the days away, we still spend our free time, although less frequently, in spearfishing tournaments, kitesurfing, wake boarding and diving. Our passion for the water led the three of us swimming in the Pacific Ocean, as part of finishing the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. But now, the tides have changed;  It’s our turn to watch our kids carry on family traditions, also on the water, while building the bonds we all experienced in earlier years.

At Dock Appeal, our vision is to provide an authentically unique level of expertise with materials of superior quality when it comes to the innovation, design and installation of dock accessories and enhancements. We want families to Bring Life Outdoors again, like our parents did when we were kids. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, or just witnessing Mother Nature with a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine, your dock should be the most beautiful “Room” your home has to offer.  We want you to embrace this space and we can help by creating the arena that provides you the moments to sit on your dock with family and friends, reliving the memories you made out on the water together.

At Dock Appeal we will help you make your dock more than just a bridge to dry land, transforming your dock into the place where your family gathers for dinner, revels in the sunsets or soaks in the sunrise that starts your day.

We look forward to introducing to you how Dock Appeal can help you generate memories of a lifetime for all generations.


Dock Appeal Staff and Founders